Mittwoch, 30. September 2009

Mo´nigue vs. keri hilson

Comedian star Mo´nigue twittert about keri on her twitter page and called her a bird-looking bitch.
The fight may have start with the diss song that keri made about ciara n beyonce a few months ago.
I just discoverd what mo twittert (or whoever that is on twitter)
. i like keri hilson, she reminds me of a fake ciara
-she´s a skinny bird.looking bitch
-keri sucks beyonce is ma girl
then when keris fans twittert mo with angry tweets she answered
-suga as i said im not a hater but if u have the guts to hate on another sista ur ass need to be checked n thats a real talk.........
I personally dont think that Mo said that,i think there was a person who faked a twitterpage with her if she really said that,keri needs too watch out cause mo aint plaing with u

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