Dienstag, 8. September 2009

Tk and Angela: The reasons why they broke up

AngelaSimmons (Run´s house,Daddy´s little girls)broke up with Terry kennedy (tk)cause he cheated on her with his ex-girl Breen.It looks like ang and breen have worked together,and realize that tk played with them.And on Breens myspacepage,there is a photo showing her and ang with the titel exposed and ang left few days ago a comment she said:isnt it great when people get busted?-And another interesting fact is that on her show daddy´s little girls she and her sister vanessa simmons and their friend alycia had a conversation about angelas MR RIGHT and she said....he has to deal with the fact,that im not going to have sex with him before we have marriage....that´s the problem tk had.This fact shows us that tk wasn´t really happy with the fact that his girlfriend angela daughter of reverend run wont f+++ with him as longer as they are just a couple.

And now ang seems to be dating rapper bow wow Again,but we all know that bow wow is a hoe and wont be faithful.................Anyway good luck Ang

My prays are with u hahaha LMAO

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