Montag, 14. September 2009

Teyana vs.tila

Look what i found while surfing on twitter:
teyana taylor what did tila said about my brochris?
teyana taylor she´s a lame thatbitchbetter cool out and fall back before i deal with her .Matter a fact she aint worth it her 2 minutes of fame is over
teyana taylor ight im not gonna go in her,she need worth it lol lets stop beeing mean it would be better if she shut her moth
omg teyana u are such a stupid hoe
1.chris is a WOMENBEATER U CAN SAY whatever u want or defend him....he´s a womenbeater or is rihanna a men?
2. 2minutes of fame is over?
tila had 2reality shows and she makes music and is a model and U ARE NOTHING u were not even a one hit wonder and u have been kicked out from stark trek entertainement..hahahhHAHHHAHA LMAO

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